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Nixie Clock Instructions

When first powered up, your clock will read 12:00 noon and will be set to display 24-hour time.  Set the clock by pushing the “M” or “H” button until the time is correct.

Display Settings:

To toggle between 12 and 24-hour mode, press and hold the “Set” button for 5 seconds.  It might be best to do this after 12:00 noon so you can immediately see the impact.  

To change the display brightness, hold the “Set” button while pressing the “M” button.  You will cycle through the five brightness levels.

To toggle the leading zero (i.e. to display “08:30” versus “8:30”), hold the “Set” button and press the “H” button.  It might be best to do this while the clock is displaying a time where this change is immediately apparent.

Tube Life:

The included nixie tubes should last for years.  However, if one of the digits becomes significantly dimmer or shows visual issues (i.e. digits lighting simultaneously), please contact Tungsten Customs and we’ll be glad to arrange for replacement tubes.  They are model IN12-A if you would like to replace them yourself; they simply pull out of the sockets, and the new ones can be pushed in to replace them.  One of the pins is labeled with an arrow on the back of the tube - insert so that this pin is towards the bottom of the clock.


If your clock drifts more than a few seconds per day, please see here for easy instructions to get it back on track.


It should never be necessary to open up your clock.  If you decide to poke around inside, Tungsten Customs takes no responsibility for the effect on you or the Nixie Epoch.


Email: support@TungstenCustoms.com


Note: If you accidentally hold the “Set” button for a long time (15 seconds or so), you might see the display go funny (showing a number around 5000, or counting seconds).  You have entered calibration mode.  To exit simply release the “Set” button and press the “M” button once.  You may need to reset the time after this.